Yes and…

I had a client call me yesterday and ask if I do a British accent. So going with my improv background I said, “Yes and…” and well, then my honest side kicked in so I added that I’ve never done it seriously but I play around with it all the time. Turns out it’s for a fun phone application. So a fun, not seriously true Brit’s voice would work. The app. obviously hasn’t launched yet so I can’t write more about it but the point is I got to audition for the part.

I believe being positive opens opportunities. Mix in being honest and that builds trust which will get you even more opportunities. I may not be the client’s first pick for this project but I let my personality shine through by giving it a shot and had a lot of fun with it so I feel I nailed it, even if I don’t book it!

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if I get the part.

7 thoughts on “Yes and…

  1. I really hope you get it Emily! I will keep my fingers crossed, but I am sure your ability speaks for itself.

  2. Your wonderful personality and sheer love for all you do will land you the gig. Plus you have talent so that will allow you to succeed. Can’t wait to download the app!

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