Nice Feedback and New Agents

So my current Agent who I was freelancing with is not sending me out on auditions anymore. I’m at a point where I’m getting 1-2 jobs/week on my own. So I haven’t been hounding him to send me out OR to sign me.

I went to lunch with an old improv friend today and he mentioned how much he loves his agent. He then offered to connect me if I was interested. I of course agreed.

I left lunch and headed to an audition I was called in for…through Voices123 (weird it was in a production house right!?) and by the time I read the part of “Woman” I had this email forward from my friend’s agent waiting for me:

As they say, you know within the first minute and I do.
Please have her get in touch…she’s got a great sound.

It’s always so nice to get nice feedback. 

To hear my reel go to:

(Constructive criticism welcome, constructive compliments too!)


Yes and…

I had a client call me yesterday and ask if I do a British accent. So going with my improv background I said, “Yes and…” and well, then my honest side kicked in so I added that I’ve never done it seriously but I play around with it all the time. Turns out it’s for a fun phone application. So a fun, not seriously true Brit’s voice would work. The app. obviously hasn’t launched yet so I can’t write more about it but the point is I got to audition for the part.

I believe being positive opens opportunities. Mix in being honest and that builds trust which will get you even more opportunities. I may not be the client’s first pick for this project but I let my personality shine through by giving it a shot and had a lot of fun with it so I feel I nailed it, even if I don’t book it!

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if I get the part.