Casting Directors: Who are they to you as a VO Artist?

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I just read a Huffington Post Article: What Does A Casting Director Do?  by Kate McClanaghan.

So many times people ask me about how to break into the VO industry. Although it’s not as easy as most people think, I always offer the 4 fundamental basics in how to get started.

…After I’ve confirmed the person is truly interested in my craft and they’re not in it because: ‘People always tell me I have a great voice, where do I sign up for that quick paycheck?’

My advice is:

  1. Learn to Read Out Loud.
  2. Take some classes (from a Casting Director!)
  3. Get a demo together – without spending a fortune.
  4. Get your voice out there.


Kate McClanaghan’s article talks about how vocieovers are cast and who’s who in the industry…something so important for the talent to understand if you don’t have an agent yet or want to do your own marketing.

Find a Casting Director who coaches VO talent or teaches group classes. THEY are the ones who know what work is out there, the newest trends and how to best market yourself. Many times they teach classes and bring an agent in at the end of the class to give you the opportunity to read…and maybe even land an agent.

I do coach potential VO talent because I love to teach and share my knowledge, and know of other great VO teachers that are also VO talent…but I do strongly encourage taking a couple classes from Casting Directors. As a VO artist, I know what I know, I have techniques I’ve learned over the years that work for ME…and many of those I’ve learned from fantastic Casting Directors.

Go Read. Be Heard. And be Great!

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