Don’t take it personally!


Sometimes you’re just not right for the part. When I go on an audition and I leave feeling like I gave it my best shot and really showed off my talent I leave feeling like I booked the spot. If I actually do book it it’s just icing on top!

On the down side, when you’re on an audition and it’s not going so well, again don’t take it personally. We all have our bad days so take a deep breath, try to let go of whatever it is on your mind-be it you’re last take was terrible, the food you ate for lunch is making your stomach do cartwheels or the lunch you didn’t eat is making your stomach growl (it’s natural and happens to all of us) or your fight with your boyfriend last night is weighing on your mind. LEAVE it at the DOOR. And if you brought it in with you shake the energy out of your limbs. Literally brush that crap off your body and flick it off your fingertips. Jump up and down to get in touch with the young, fun, creative you and start from scratch…even if it’s your third take!

I recently auditioned for a spot that I thought I nailed. The client came back with “we like her voice, but she sounds tired and jaded.” Wow! Worst feedback I’d ever gotten (and took personally). I WAS tired when I recorded and I could very well be jaded when it comes to talking about the subject matter – corporate jobs. But hey we’ve all been laid off at some point in this economy-right? 😉 So the client was dead on. Smart. Gave great notes…all I could do was let it go and try again-when I wasn’t tired!

So instead of saying fine, forget this job, let someone more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed have this gig. I took a deep breath and said great, thank you for the honest feedback and here’s my take 2. I did jumping jacks, smiled beyond my face’s range and sped through the copy faster than I felt was normal. Somewhere between there and tired, jaded me I booked the job!

So, Leave your crap at the door. Don’t take ANYTHING personal. Take it all as constructive criticism because that’s just, what it is. The client isn’t there to insult you. They’re there to help you, so they can get exactly what it is they want. And if all else fails remember the wisdom of Jerry Maguire – “Help me Help you!”


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