In a Women’s Voiceover World!


in a world

Women in Voiceovers!

Attached is a great article by Carrie Faverty a casting director I’ve taken classes with. She talks about the industry (like many others) that is set in a man’s world. I know and love many men that are fantastic voiceover artists and are perfect for the roles they’ve booked. However, we need a shift to change in the advertising world. A shift that fits today’s day and age.

Women today are not housewives, we’re CEO’s of our entire household.

Hello Advertisers! Statistics prove that these Household CEO’s make many of the important decisions …We ARE your target audience for many of your products that need to be presented in a confident, trusting and friendly way. We are powerful and educated buyers, we are Global COO’s (shout out to Sheryl Sandberg), and Household CEO’s (shout out to my mom!) …making sooo many financial decisions: researching automobiles to buy, banks to use, and yes, even purchasing tickets to sporting events (and merchandise), and determining which TV show or movie we will see on our next date night.

Doesn’t it seem about time to rewrite this story from “In a World” to “In an EEOP World!”?

I can’t wait to see “In a World” this September and needless to say I can’t wait to book my first In a World Trailer!