You never know where you’re next job will come from

My lifestyle is pretty simple. Comfort first. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal who enjoys getting dressed up and putting on makeup for a Saturday night date. But those other six days a week you’ll find me in my Chucky T’s and zip-up hoody when I’m out running errands err, ok even when I’m out to lunch! It’s more likely you’ll find me outside in the middle of a snowball fight than jetting out to brunch with my beautiful friends. So when I accepted the offer to record “The Soho Guide” (a downloadable app) I knew I’d have to fall back on some of my acting skills. I channeled my best Carrie Bradshaw to explain to how “ you’ll discover New York City’s hottest shops, restaurants and galleries…”

This spot aired on at TaxiTV commercial. And I’m not going to lie that I was a bit confused when I got a call from a Fisher-Price client saying they loved my work and wanted me to work on their next commercial. Sex appeal and kids’ products don’t usually mix – right? But if the client likes you, figure out what it is they like about you once you have the job and then continue to nail exactly what they’re looking for during the record.

You never know where you’re next job will come from. What I do know is if you do what you love the work will find you.